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Boby - Breath - Mind

Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Removing obstacles and making mind steady

Posted on - Fri Jan 2017       Patanjali Yoga Sutra / by indeayoga

Yoga Baratha

Removing obstacles and making mind steady

||Tat pratisedha artham eka tattva abhyasah||32||   English Meaning:   For removal of obstacles and accompanying symptoms the practice of concentration on one principle is to be made.   English meaning of Sanskrit Words:   tat = those, pratisedha = for removal; artham = for, eka = one; tattva = principle, abhyasah = practice.     This sutra reiterates on applying the mind to one tattwa (that which helps one most, has to be chosen by individual practitioner) helps remove the obstacles and accompanying symptoms. The sutra orders that the tattwa should not be constantly changed. If one practices mantra,...

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