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Boby - Breath - Mind


Fay Li - Hong Kong

I completely the Level 1 TTC in July 2017. Excellent course. Simple and effective organisation to truly work towards the vision of health and bliss for all. Transformational experience and absolutely enjoyed every moment of peacefulness, positivity and harmonic energy. Intensive and extensive learning (on yoga and self exploration) physically, mentally and spiritually. Comprehensive syllabus and exceptional delivery. Effective structure and immersion in a small class setting that is personalised to each students' capacity. Exceptional and transformational experience. The environment is peaceful, positive, harmonic and genuine - perfect for pure and stress free learning. Exceeded my expectations of purely deepening my practice and having the time for myself. Truly grateful to have found this place and met all the inspirational individuals, Bharath ji in particular - allowing me to embark this journey of self discovery and spirituality. All in one set up inclusive of accommodation and delicious and well balanced home cooked meal. Added to the peace of mind to focus on our yoga study and practice; minus the hassle of figuring out food and stay in a foreign country and more time for self exploration and learning. I personally resonate with the traditional yoga philosophy and the IndeaYoga philosophy a lot. There has been slight adjustments on my perspectives and it has become clear to me that yoga is a life choice of health an bliss and beginning of a life long journey of self discovery. Learning how to have control over mind and body, to achieve an optimal, effective, healthy and high performing body and mind. Just do it. Choosing the right yoga school can be a leap of faith, but the decision can only be judged in retrospect. Good luck!

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