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Boby - Breath - Mind

Yoga Asana

How Can I Practice Yoga my own? Its Indea Foundation Series.

13/06/2017 / Yoga Asana / Bharath Shetty

This series has a combination of asanas which covers the 5 directions of the physical body i.e. forward bending, back bending, twisting, balancing and inversion. The asanas are held effortlessly for

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IndeaYoga Preparatory Series - A Chance to Understand yoga

16/05/2017 / Yoga Asana / Bharath Shetty

Preparatory Series as the word implies prepares the practitioner to do different asanas like sirsasana, chakrasana etc. by developing a strong foundation. For e.g. if one practices utkatasana, adho m

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I am New to Yoga - How do i Start my Practice ?

20/04/2017 / Yoga Asana / by Bharath Shetty

The frequently asked question by majority of common people is – How do I start Yoga practice? What comes first – touching toes or standing on head or how long to hold my breath in Pranayama? This is

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IndeaYoga Beginner Series - Yoga Practice for Every One

19/04/2017 / Yoga Asana / by indeayoga

The Beginner Series is the very foundation of IndeaYoga’s Vision ~ Health and Bliss for all. This series has been designed such that it can be done by all kinds of practitioners – whether you

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Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

20/02/2017 / Yoga Asana / by Anitha

Nature is not just something on the outside in our environment, but a part of our very being. We are nature – not separate from it. Trees are one of the Earth's oldest life forms; silent witnesses to

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